Jonyohto Introduced The Philosophy Of Kazuo Inamori Into The Management System, And Held A Year-End Employee Sharing Session Successfully.

At the beginning of 2017, JONYOHTO began to implement and practice the "Six Refinements". Before the introduction, the company planned the five steps of "declaration, knowledge, action, feeling and understanding". One step is a summary, and one step is a sharing. Through learning and practicing the philosophy of Inamori, and studying the business strategy and philosophy of life of the six essentials, the company's family members have become softer and the team has become warmer. In the middle of the year, a four-stage sharing session was held, and we were fortunate to have invited Mr. Hu Wei and Mr. Wang Zhen from Shenghe Business School to provide additional guidance. In the second half of the year, based on the first half of the year, through continuous learning and practicing, we sincerely feel everyone around us. All the family members persevere, and the natural true feelings flow.

During the preparation process of this sharing session, all of us worked together and did our own jobs to improve the details. We strive to contribute a "Six Refinements" annual sharing event for the guests and family members.